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Please start your practise within 15 mins of our opening time. Call Fiona to book 021 063 9249.

Welcome to Living Yoga, a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga space where students of all ages and abilities are welcome. From busy mums getting back into shape, to older people working to gain strength, to those recovering from injury. We all come for different reasons. Don't be put off by photos of fancy looking yoga poses in books or DVDs. You won't be expected to be flexible when you start, or even touch your toes from standing - that comes with practice! If you're looking for more than just exercise, then you're in the right place. Not only will you feel better physically, but you'll start to feel more connected internally, more fluid in your movements and more present to everyday life experiences. Mindfulness and strength - a great combination!

Yoga is backed up by thousands of years of direct transmission, teacher to student, and a profound philosophy of self-discovery. Try it for yourself.

How does it work?

Meeting on the mat, we'll start to work with your breath, your gaze, your inner stability. Then you'll be guided slowly and gently through a sequence of movements specially designed to cleanse your nervous system and clear your mind. You'll learn to balance and stabilise your body, from front-to-back, side-to-side, head-to-feet. And because we're all different, with our own particular set of circumstances and abilities and intentions, the teaching is given one-on-one in the group environment. You won't need to keep up with anyone else in the class. There'll be plenty of time to learn each movement and breath sequence safely. You'll be given verbal guidance and gentle hands-on help to find the right position for you at that moment. With no examinations and no rushing, you'll enjoy time to repeat and refine each movement. This is the traditional way Yoga is taught (Mysore Style). Simple, prescriptive and therapeutic.